Ken Ascroft recorded my first Cheltenham and County CC club time trial in about 1990. The Cheltenham Pedersen frame was already lightly modified (eg stainless steel cable to support the saddle) but the handlebars were still rather high for time trialling!



Weston Wheelers Hilly 25 TT (approx 1992). Cheltenham Pedersen, with low 'bars etc. Nick Peatson took the photo... and I reluctantly give him full marks for composition!



The first Tin Can 25m TT was held in 1994 and included the great John Woodburn on the start sheet. He set off one minute behind me in a 50m TT near Oxford once and, after the race, made a point of coming to inspect the modified Cheltenham Pedersen I was riding. 'Tin Can' races are for hub-geared machines - of any age or description.

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